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    Vijay Kandy Newbie


      I have a cluster of JBoss-3.2.6 nodes that work well for me. My JMS datasource for each node is DefaultDS (so messages get stored locally).

      When I lookup HA-JNDI and post a message to a topic, it gets stored in the local database (hypersonic) of the Master Node, which is what I expect. However in case of a fail-over, the messages do not get moved to the database of the node that becomes the Master.

      1. Do I *need* a shared datasource ??
      2. Is there a way that I can get local databases (hypersonic) on each node to be in sync?

      I ask this because if I have to use a shared DB, I need to make that DB clustered in order to have a true HA system!

      Thank you,
      Vijay Kandy