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    configuring fixed number of mdbs per queue

    Kevin Liang Newbie

      is it even possible to configure a fixed number of mdb instances for use per queue?

      i looked at the standjboss.xml, and it looks like that declares the number of MDBs per jmscontainer, which is per jboss instance i assume.

      is there a way to do so such that i can configure the logical instances of mdbs on a per queue basis?

      thanks in advance for any help....

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          Darran Lofthouse Master

          Within the jboss.xml of your message driven beans you can extend the container configurations that you have seen in the standardjboss.xml and give the new containers specific strict maximum pool sizes.

          Then you can specify which container configuration to use against the message driven bean definition.

          There should be enough information in the administrators guide and in the jboss.xml dtd to be able to achieve this.