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    Deferred use of JMSReplyTo / Destination.toString()

    Mikkel Heisterberg Newbie

      I have a scenario where I need to store the JMSReplyTo from a JMS message for later use. When I look at the Message.getJMSReplyTo() the returned Destination (Queue/Topic) has two methods I could use:
      - toString (example value: QUEUE.lekkim/nitram/bocaj)
      - getQueueName (example value: lekkim/nitram/bocaj)

      I know I could just compose the queue name by prepending "queue/" to the value returned by the getQueueName() method but I don't know if it is "standard".

      Could some installations of JBoss choose to change the "queue/" prefix in JNDI or is it given per J2EE that queues are located under this prefix ?

      Thank you for any replies.