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    Deployment ordering problem with httpil

    Tim McCune Novice

      I've got an app that has been using the UIL2 IL so far with no problems. Today I tried using the HTTP IL, and as long as I deploy my app after JBoss has completely started, it deploys fine. If my app is already in the farm directory when JBoss is starting up, JBoss hangs when it tries to deploy my ear. I have an MBean in the ear that establishes a connection to the IL inside the start() method. Even if I declare a dependency on jboss.mq:service=InvocationLayer,type=HTTP on this MBean, JBoss is still trying to deploy it before the IL is available. I can watch the log and see JBoss trying to deploy my ear, and if I go to http://myserver:8080/jbossmq-httpil/restricted/HTTPServerILServlet, it's obviously not available yet. The browser just sits and spins. What's the right approach to take to get these dependencies in the right order (i.e. to get the HTTP IL fully-deployed and available on port 8080 before JBoss tries to deploy my ear?)