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    How to resolve error javax.jms.InvalidClientIDException: Thi

    jens.schanz Newbie


      we use JMS to send and receive messages over a WAN-Connection (DSL here in Germany). We run sometimes into a problem, that the connection suddenly disconnects and the client could not clearly disconnect as it should. The result is, that if a reconnect could done, this not work, because the client id is already registered at the server.

      Is there anyway, to disconnect a subscription without restarting the complete server?

      Tanks ...

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          Ulf Schroeter Novice

          Have a look into the JBoss source code


          This might solve your problem :-)


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            jens.schanz Newbie


            i've done this before an uncommented this interceptor. Unfortunately is this interceptor not working correct. I've created an entry in the bug database with the result, that this interceptor was implemented in a dirty way and will be removed in future versions. So this is no solution for us.

            Adrian Brock commented on JBAS-1626:

            I disagreed with this interceptor when it was first written
            but let it pass because it is not enabled by default.

            It was put there by the guy (who now works on ActriveMQ)
            that wrote the buggy ILs that couldn't detect that a client crashed.
            We no longer use those ILs.

            It is a big security concern (to me) that one client can hijack another
            client's subscription. It is certainly not spec compliant.

            If you are telling me it does not work, I am more likely to delete it
            than fix it.
            There are no tests for this behaviour in the testsuite.

            So unless you can provide a fix yourself, I am going to close
            this as "Won't Fix" and remove the interceptor from the codebase.

            • 3. What IL's are working properly, in what release of jboss
              Bart Vanhaute Newbie

              We are also experiencing the same problem, using HTTPIL in jboss-3.2.3. So I suspect that invocation layer is still 'buggy'?

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                Bart Vanhaute Newbie

                I am hesitating to install this ClientReconnectInterceptor, because of the change in semantics.

                My new question is : would a ClientMonitorInterceptor also work? The idea is that this interceptor would close the stale connection (the connection won't be used because the client side has thrown away it's side). And thus recovering the client id.

                Any comments?