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    Concurrency with Oracle AQ

    Andrew Bryndin Newbie

      Hi, we've implemented MDB on JBoss 4.0 listening for Oracle AQ using
      JBoss JMS provider for Oracle Advanced Queue patch
      http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=912173&group_id=22866&atid=376687. Everything seems like working except that only one MDB instance is created by container no matter how many messages are in the queue, and when it starts processing it blocks connection, so no other sessions/mdbs are created. We have tried Oracle 8i and Oracle 10g, thin and oci driver, latest prerelease and production version of aqapi, same result. Is it even possible to make multiple mdbs consume messages in concurrent mode?

      There was an announcement on JBoss 2005 event pre registration page http://www.jboss.com/company/events/jbw_integration of presentation dedicated to "Integrating JBoss with OracleAQ as a XA Enabled Inbound Resource Adapter", does anyone know where the information on that presentation or the details of that approach can be retrieved. May be this is what we need to make it work.

      Integrating JBoss with OracleAQ as a XA Enabled Inbound Resource Adapter

      Kevin Birch, Greg Hamamgian, IntercontinentalExchange

      Abstract: With the release of the J2EE Connector Architecture version 1.5, application servers gained the ability to inject asynchronous data from remote systems into MDB?s. Inbound Resource Adapters (RA) implement the Message Inflow Contract, which connects a J2EE application to an external Enterprise Information Source (EIS). This allows the application server to maintain control of threading and resource allocation, while giving the RA implementer flexibility in communicating with the EIS. This opens up numerous new opportunities to leverage the J2EE platform to process enterprise data. One such source for this data is middleware products such as Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ), a database backed middleware product that provides a message queuing facility. Using JBoss 4.x, JDBC, AQ and XA, an Inbound RA was developed that bridges Oracle AQ to a JMS MDB while maintaining full XA transactional integrity. This presentation will describe the process of integrating JBoss with Oracle AQ, and introduce Inbound Resource Adapters and XA technology. We will cover the implementation of a generic Inbound RA, using XA in your RA and the specifics of bridging Oracle XA and JBoss XA. In addition, we will cover some performance consideration and the lessons learned on this project.

      Presenters: Kevin Birch is a Senior Software Engineer for IntercontinentalExchange, and led the design and development of mission-critical infrastructure there. He has developed software using Java and other technologies to create best-of-breed solutions for the enterprise in variety of industries. His interests include Enterprise Computing, peer-to-peer technologies and the intersection of data and usability. Greg Hamamgian is a Senior Software Engineer for IntercontinentalExchange. He has been doing enterprise sever-side design and development for 8 years for companies ranging in size, business function and technology.

      Thanks in advance for your help.