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    a4j:commandLink actionListener is not called with a4j:status

    Peryshkin Sergey Newbie

      I use a4j:status on the pages for displaying a modal pane with 'wait..' ...
      But one strange problem appears one one page: no actionListeners are called.

      Actions are used for a tree (rich:tree) nodes this way:

      <a4j:commandLink rendered="#{ item.nodeType.folder }"
       title="#{bundle['add_node']} #{item.properties.description} (#{item.nodeKey.stringValue})" >
       <t:graphicImage value="add_node.gif" border="0" />
       <f:attribute name="nodeId" value="#{item.branchId}"/>

      A4J-Status is declared globally and look like:
      <a4j:status id="actionStatus"
       onstop="#{rich:component('wait')}.hide()" />

      The trouble is that when I press commandLink, the 'wait' modal pane is displayed and then hidden, but no actionListeners are called, and no re-rendering is done.

      BUT. If I comment-out a4jstatus along with modalPane, everything work alright. The action is run and the elements are re-rendered!

      What am I doing wrong?