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    MDB retrieves duplicate messages


      I am wondering if this is a known problem,

      I had a MDB listening on a MQ series queue. The queue was writtern some messages periodically by other application that runs MQ series. It was running okay. Recently I had another queue setup which accepted messages from another application. When I pointed the MDB to this new queue, something strange happened. Almost eight out of ten times, when the MDB reaches the last message in the queue, it would pause for couple of seconds and then returns a message that is identical to the one it read right before this last one. And the last message will never show up. Has anyone experienced this before?

      Furthermore, I used the same Websphere MQ client package to write a java pragram and that one retrieved the messages from both queues without any problem.

      The Websphere MQ client is version 5.3
      The JBoss is version 3.2.4
      Both queues are persistent queues and they are under the same queue manager.