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    JBossMQ Thread Count grows until Linux Too Many Files Open e

    Tim Hancock Newbie

      We are using JBoss 3.2.6 on JVM 1.4.2-06.

      We have 2 web servers that publish messages onto one of 3 JBoss Message Queue servers.

      The Thread List shows lots and lots of the following entries in the JBossMQ Thread Group:

      Thread: UIL2.SocketManager.ReadTask#5 client= : priority:5, demon:true
      Thread: UIL2.SocketManager.WriteTask#6 client= : priority:5, demon:true

      interspersed with a few:

      Thread: Thread-63 : priority:5, demon:true

      The IP address relates to one of the servers publishing on the queue. The publishing of the message onto the queue is successful and no errors are thrown.

      Does anyone know why the socket is never treated as disconnected, thus freeing the Thread for re-use? Or is there a configuration setting for Thread timeouts?

      We have to restart the servers about once every 2 hours to avoid the open files limit on the Linux boxes we are running and it would be great if we could avoid this problem altogether.