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    Throttling consumption of heavy weight messages

    Andreas Walsh Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have looked through the documentation but have been unable to find a well fitting solution for the following problem:

      I have a number of large messages (between 10 and 40megabytes) being published by one component. The subscriber is doing its best to process them but unfortunately due to recent improvements in the publishers performance the subscriber it is now getting swamped.

      The amount of CPU impact for each message is quite large and I would imagine that at most two messages could be processed concurrently in an efficient manner. (I base this on the fact that when there is only one message being sent it gets through quite ok and when there are two there is only a slight decrease in performance, but when there are three things really start to slow down).

      Originally max number of beans for the MDB container was 100. I tried reducing this to one but this slowed down the processing.

      Can anyone give me any pointers as to how best to handle this situation?

      I am currently using a Topic, would changing to to a queue make much difference? It is not persistent. A transaction is required for each message.

      Thanks a million