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    Incredibly rare JMS clients behaviour

    Paul Klestorny Newbie


      We are experimenting a very uncommon behaviour within JMS stand-alone clients. On the AS we are running an application that produces messages continuously (small messages) for monitoring issues. For this we are using a Topic, with null persistance manager.

      On the other hand, we have a fat client (a Java Web Start application) which is downloaded from the same AS. This application, listens through MessageListeners, the messages that are produced in the AS.

      The problem is that the client application always work fine in some machines (can listen to messages), and never works in another ones without producing any kind of exception. All the machines where tested with no firewall running.

      We are developing our app. with 4 computers, so we have an app. server on each one. We exchanged the entire AS from one machine to another, or even changed the IP addresses but the behaviour is exactly the same.

      In all cases without exception, if a machine "A" is running the AS, and the machine "B" is running the client app; if "B" can monitor "A" (receive messages) , then, if we invert this situation (run the AS on "B"), "A" can connect to "B" but it doesn´t get any messages.

      We tested the above example with all posible combinations within 4 computers with the same results.


      We are using:
      Jboss server v.4.0.0. (In all machines)
      J2SDK 1.4.2_08. (In all machines)
      Windows XP Pro SP2. (on 3 machines)
      Linux Suse 9.0. (on 1 workstation)