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    Sending an ObjectMessage with a custom-defined object

    null null Newbie

      Hello, there.

      I'm having a problem sending an ObjectMessage with a custom-defined object implementing java.io.Serializable.

      While at it, JBoss complains that it is "unable to convert between SpyObjectMessage and JAVA_OBJECT..."

      The weird thing is that the first attempt is always successful but after that it sometimes works and other times spits out the exceptions.

      It seems to happen when JMS service attempts to do its internal work right after sending messages, cause the messages did get delivered after all to the destination. (Correct me if I'm wrong on this count).

      Following is the summary of the app's deployment environment.

      -JVM: J2SDK 1.4.1_02
      -AS: JBoss 3.2.6
      -JMS Database : MS SQL Server 2000

      I changed the config for DefaultDS to use SQL Server and modified the standardjaws.xml to use the type-mapping for SQL Server 2000.

      Any help would be appriciated.

      Thanks in advance.