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    Problems in picking the messages

    vidya govindan Newbie


      We have two jboss-3.2.1_tomcat-4.1.24. servers each in different machines bo1 and bo2 with Win2000 OS.
      Two mdbs of each server ie bo1 and bo2 listen to a single queue present in bo1 server.All the messages are posted to a single queue in server bo1.

      But when there are messages more than the total number of mdbs total=2+2 pending in queue (say about 20),the mdbs of bo1 and bo2 server are processing the mesages in such away that the first 6 messages are processed by mdbs of a server which started to process the first message and the second set of 6 messages are processed by the second server's mdbs.

      From 13th message onwards the mdbs are behaving in a normal way.

      The scenario is :
      Message No. App Server which picked the order from Fabrication Queue.
      ********* ***********************************************
      O1 BO2
      O2 BO2
      O3 BO2
      O4 BO2
      O5 BO2
      O6 BO2
      O7 BO1
      O8 BO1
      O9 BO1
      O10 BO1
      O11 BO1
      O12 BO1
      O13 BO1
      O14 BO2
      O15 BO1
      O16 BO1
      O17 BO1
      O18 BO1

      Note :O1,O2,O3,O8,09,O14,O15 are the type of messages which takes 20 mins of time for mdbs to process and the rest of the messages takes 10 mins

      Can anybody tell why BO1 mdb started processing only from 7th message and why the first six messages were picked only by bo2 mdbs and the second six messages by bo1 mdbs?