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    No rollback at shutdown

    Juergen Hartler Newbie


      I am using jboss-4.0.2 finalRelease.
      I am calling a stateless session bean from a message-driven-bean (I tried the method in the stateless session bean with Required and RequiresNew as transaction type). The purpose of the stateless session bean is mainly putting data into the database.

      When I try to shutdown the server while the stateless session bean is transferring data into the database, the session bean still tries to commit the data to the database but not the whole data is committed into the DB and no rollback is performed. The message driven bean seems to to think that it has finished because it does not restart after the restart of the server.

      If I am calling the stateless session bean directly from an Struts-Action-Class and I perform the shutdown during the transaction the transaction is properly rolled back.