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    Sending JMS Message to a 2nd Instance

    Rick Carragher Newbie

      I'm trying to test sending a JMS message from one JBoss Server (3.2.7) to another, while both servers are on the same machine (I used ports-binding.xml to sort the two instances out). The two servers run exactly the same ear, and have the same exact JMS destinations.

      An EJB is sending the message, and it defines its resource ref as jms/CrossPostQueue. Then, in jboss.xml, I provide the mapping as follows:


      I figured that specifying the jndi port that the second instance runs would be enough. However, the first server is receiving the message on its local copy of "queue/transactionware-enterprise-async-services".

      Am I missing a necessary step? Shouldn't having different JNDI ports completely separate the two instances?