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    a4j components reload any dataTable list binding when its no

    eli sol Newbie

      It seems to me like a bug...

      When i have rich:dataTable in my page, ANY a4j request reload the list that related to the dataTable component even when the a4j request related to another bean!!!

      for example:
      i have 2 session beans.

      my jsf page:

      <h:form id="form1">
       <rich:dataTable id="myTable" value="#{myBean1.myList}" var="comp">
      <h:form id="form2">
       <h:outputText value="#{myBean2.test}"/>
       <h:graphicImage url="myImage.gif">
       <a4j:support event="onclick" reRender="form2" />

      The problem is that when i click the image in form2, the list (myList) in myBean1 reload!!! Does this make any sense!!!!?
      It's happen only with binding list to a dataTable.