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    Migrating from Weblogiv to JBoss

    Shoaib Akhtar Newbie

      We are migrating our application from Bea Web Logic to JBoss 4 to reduce our product cost. So far it has been really a wonderful experience and i would like to thank the JBoss team and they really deserve this appreciation.

      Right now i am only facing two problems. The domain in which we are working, the user request are very critical and we cannot even think of losing a request. The questions are as follows.

      1- We are using Queues and MDB's. I did not find any way of Persistable Queues (so messages are stored in Database i.e. Oracle) . I want all the messages to be first stored in Database so we can gracefully recover even in case of big application failure.

      2- Secondly, in Bea Weblogic their is a way of specifying message driven beans pool and minimum beans at startup and the maximum too. How to achieve this functionality in JBoss? . This functionality is very critical for us to perform well in load situation.

      I would highly appreciate any help in this regard from the great people of JBoss community.Please give details of your answers as i am quite new to JBoss (ya but i have already become a great fan of yours).

      Shoaib Akhtar