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    JMSXA Connection Factory

    Tim Lam Newbie

      Am I supposed to use the default java:/JMSXA connection factory or do I need to create my own connection factory? If I should be using the java:/JMSXA connection factory then can this connection factory be used for all JMS related activity?

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          Robert ke Newbie

          Are you trying to use "java:/XAConnectionFactory" (for jvm jms clients) or
          "XAConnectionFactory" (remote clients). I haven't got XAConnection to work. I get a uil2 ServerSocketManagerHandler exiting on IOE when I try to send a message to the queue. Does anyone know why? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

          It works with "java:comp/env/jms/QueueFactory" with in jvm jms client using JmsXA.

          The XAConnectionFactory just doesn't work for me.



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