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    jms with webservice

    park juhyun Newbie


      I need to write webservice to call JMS and I have two ques(JBOSSMQ) one for input que and another is the output que. I send information in input que and need to receive information in output que as a response to my webservice.
      What APIs/technologies can handle this smoothly wihtout any problem to my webservice.

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          Ulf Schroeter Novice

          You already have defined your APIs/technologies by using JMS and Webservices (I guess you will use a stateless SB as webservice implemention).

          Nevertheless you should keep in mind that simulating a synchronous call with asynchronous JMS request/reply communication has some pitfalls.

          Your read operation on the reply queue has to use a read timeout (because no client wants to wait forever for a reply). But what happens if the responding server just was a little bit to late and places it's reply into the result queue afterwards ? On the next method invocation you might read the reply of your previous call, not that of your actual one ?!? Ok, you can think about sequence numbers or things like that, maybe it will do the job. But what about scalability ? You cannot use a single reply queue, so every stateless session bean instance needs it's own temporary reply queue. Using SLSB singleton pattern to simplify things ? bad idea because this sacrifices scalability ! ....., ....

          Summary: trying to do synchronous calls with asynchronous messaging isn't the best idea :-) If it can be avoided, than avoid it !