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    Performance problem with many senders

    Leandro Lima Newbie


      I'm trying to perform stress tests on an application that uses JbossMQ, and i've found a problem when using many threads to make the requests.

      A Stateless Session Bean method send a message with a "Long" (Long object type) content for a Queue, the messages are received and processed by a registered MDB.

      In the tests, a client application lookup the session bean and call the apropriated method.

      When I'm using only 3 threads to test my client application, this works fine. But if i increase this number to 5 threads, jboss falls on long pauses between responses, and peformance really goes down.

      I tried to change configurations like high memory mark, disable the persistence but nothing changes.

      There are, no error messages, only the pauses between responses.

      I'm using JVM-IL, the application is running on P4-2.8 HT, 2GbRAM, com 1024Mb for VM. The client application run on P4-2.4 HT, 2GbRAM

      I've done a long search in Jboss forum and google, but can't find anything similar.

      Someone can help me to find what configuration tunning can solve this problem.