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    jBoss Book JMS example

    Bruno Melloni Newbie

      Meaning to do some JMS with jBoss I bought the jBoss 4.0 book to speed-up the process, and went to the JMS chapter.

      The first example = listing 6.1 uses org.jboss.util.ChapterExRepository.

      1) What is it? Where are its javadocs? And what JAR file do I need to use it?

      2) Similarly, what is the purpose of CountDown in this example? I found the package on the internet and its docs, but I can't tell what was the intention of the developer when he chose to use it in the example.

      3) Finally, is there a "companion URL" for the book (like most books do) where I can download all the examples and associated resources?

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          Bruno Melloni Newbie


          - The first reference to this class seems to be in listing 2.2, but I could not find any reference to its implementation.

          - I also assume that since nothing else tells the J2SE application what the InitialContext is, I suspect this class must do that job.

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            Adrian Brock Master

            1) Which book?
            2) You already know where the correct place is to ask questions related JBoss produced documentation
            and your question was already answered there.

            Now stop wasting people's time.

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              Bruno Melloni Newbie

              1) The ONLY jBoss 4.0 book that I know of: the jBoss book written by your boss, Marc Fleury, and available also online on your site.

              2) What is this new attitude at jBoss of going to forums, not reading the posts fully, and bitching about them? This is the second time in 2 weeks when someone at jBoss gets into a flame mood without bothering to read the post first. This is not a cross-post - totally different subject than the one in the thread you mention. Second, the question is totally and completely about using JMS in jBoss (not about fixing the documentation) and referring to the the book is a good way to avoid copying all the code in the post. Also, you cannot use JMS in jBoss without the information specified in the docs, so it is a good assumption that anyone who writes JMS will have read and probably tried the exact code I ask about at least once, and likely have an answer. Therefore, this thread is the MOST APPROPRIATE location for the post if seeking a useful answer from a co-user. So, please stop being rude and either answer the question or not - these "don't ask questions" attitudes are pretty ridiculous for a forum. If you want to separate formal support from users-helping-users, then you need to create separate forums.

              For those others looking for answers rather than flames:

              - Here are some answers I found elsewhere on the net -

              They should be pretty obvious to experienced jBoss JMS developers, but should be useful to people (like me) that are starting to use jBoss for JMS:

              A) The jBoss 4.0 Official Guide book is listed for download in the jBoss site as "JBoss Application Server Guide" and the source code is also availabled.

              B) ChapterExRepository is some funky initialization code for interaction with the jBoss server. I cannot claim to follow it all, but for this code it initializes log4j and the jBoss JNDI connection, while relying on classes that come in jars with the jBoss server.

              C) Most (all?) of the jars needed are in jboss-4.0.2/client. You need to include some of these to compile and/or execute any JMS code against jBoss, if you are not running that code INSIDE the container. I suspect that the jars are in the classpath if you run inside the container.

              D) CountDown class: Is part of a concurrency library that jBoss uses. The jar is in */client. I still have no idea why it is used in a "hello world" type of JMS app. My guess so far is that it was used as a convenience.

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                hitcher Newbie

                hehe, agreed. This actually the first time since 6 months that I am looking in to this forum again. I normally don't bother to look here anymore, because of the attitude of some "officials".

                Sad that things haven't changed.

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                  Bruno Melloni Newbie

                  This "attitude" issue is new to me. I always had good experiences in this forum, even if I did not always get usuable answers.

                  Lack of answers is OK... after all, it is free software (even when we support them by buying their books at $50 a pop), but rudeness on their part accomplishes nothing but make the threads unreadable.

                  I hope it is a temporary thing, because when things aren't documented clearly you have to go to forums and this seems to be the only "jBoss-oriented" forum on the net.

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                    Elias Ross Master

                    This is really becoming a useless rant thread.

                    Most people (e.g. people like you) posting here don't even follow Netiquette 101, so don't expect a kind reply.