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    JMS client: message persistent and resending

    Nick Wong Newbie

      I wish to send data from application A to application B in asynchronous/ fire-and-forget model. In the case of a network failure between application A and the JMS middleware, can the messaging layer of the JMS client temporarily store the data and resend the message to the JMS middleware? If yes, how to do that?

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          Ulf Schroeter Novice

          Read a single book or technical article about JMS on your own !!! If you then have a problem, ask the forum, but do not ask for doing your own homework !

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            Nick Wong Newbie

            All of the information I got from book or technical article is about how to persist or cache message at server/middleware side and how to ensure delivery of message in the case of the target (receiving) application is unavailable (e.g. using durable message).

            However, in my case I failed to send the message to the server/middleware in the first place due to network failure at the client side.

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              Dean Hiller Expert

              I would very much like to know the answer here too.  I inherited some code that literally writes out the messages to a file on failure and resends when next message goes out if it can.  I have the following settings on the client side...




              and it is a clustered jboss on the remote side.  If our remote side goes down, the messages are not resent .  How do we tweak a setting so I can get rid of this code that persists and resends so that JBossMQ does the work for me?