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    MDB Deployment Descriptor

    Giscard Faria Newbie

      Hi guys, sorry if this question was already posted on forum.....

      I am trying to deploy my first MDB and got some problems, in my mind I understand the follow:

      + The MDB catch all messages on a queue
      + When the client throw the message to queue the MDB bean onMessaeg method is called

      My doubts are:
      1) Where I put on jboss.xml file the queue name that will be used by the MDB?!?!
      2) What I put into the ejb-jar.xml file on <message-destination-link>?!?!?
      3) What I need to do into the client files: jndi.properites, jboss-application, etc to the client find the Connection Factory and acess the queue!??!

      I already try to run the example but it doesn't works.


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          Giscard Faria Newbie

          Hi guys.....

          I am really in troubles here, I saw some tutorials and MDB example and I am sure that my jboss.xml and ejb-jar.xml are correct. But when I try to run the client I got the error: "cound't create JNDI context: jndi.naming.NameNotFoundException: jms not bound"

          are there another dd file which I MUST set into the server, or the both commented above are enough?!!?

          and abou the client, why it didn't find the ConnectionFactory?!?!

          Please any tutorial is also welcome!!!!



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            Darran Lofthouse Master

            If you are going to post questions about your code please also post a code sample to show what your client is doing.

            Also there are a lot of different tutorials out there, if you have been referring to a tutorial post the link to it with your question.

            What is your client, is it a stand alone application, a web application, another bean?