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    OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread

    ZhiCheng Ge Newbie

      Our application have a backend thread that will send many messages(say >4000) to JBoss MQ. In our QA server(Windows2000 P4 2.6G, 1 CPU, 1Gmemory), we don't have this problem. But with customer's production server(windows2003 P4 3.xG, 2 CPU, 2G memory), OutOfMemoryError occured.

      We have follow up the guideline in wiki page: http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=OutOfMemoryExceptionWhenCannotCreateThread
      Add -XX:ThreadStackSize=128 JVM parameter to JBoss run.bat

      It didn't work. We suspect it may be the application enqueuing too many messages(each will need a pair of readTask/WrtieTask threads) which cause to reach OS's maximum thread count limitation. So we add a loop wait to sleep 1 mins for every 200 messages. It works for about 2 days. Whne we restarted the JBoss today, the error occured again.

      Can anyone help? Do we go the wrong way?

      Note: If we run JBoss as windows service, the error occured more frequently. It seems the thread count limitation is much less.