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    Configuring durable subscription: Null or empty subscription

    S S` Newbie


      I'm quite new to all this JMS stuff so please give me a hint where to look for a solution.
      I'm using JBoss 4.0.2 and trying to migrate a J2ee application to this server from another app server.
      Straightforward translation of descriptors seems to be not enough, I get the "Null or empty subscription" error on deployment. I searched the web and found that I should have a jbossmq user defined, and edit jbossmq-state.xml to configure subscriptions.

      The problem is that I cannot edit jbossmq-state.xml since I create topics at runtime, and I do not know topic name at design time.

      I do not understand why any secutiry issues are required here, I used to work with durable subscriptions without such kind of tuning. Please help me to find a simliest way to create a durable connection.