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    MessageCache Store (MySQL) for JMS continues to grow over ti

    null null Newbie

      Running 4.0.2. Have tested with Default hypersonic and with MySQL Version 4.x Problem occurs with both databases. Yes, all messages are getting delivered, as I have verified this, and I see the "DELETE" instuctions sent to the database.

      My messages are large (3-10 MB). And yes - we are rearchitecting our application to not send these huge messages.

      As my messages get softened and temporarily sent to a data store, and while the messages are "INSERT"ed and "DELETE"ed from mySQL, my database keeps growing - why? Is there a commit that isn't being done? - I assume I need to add another configuration setting some where, but cannot find any references to why my database keeps growing although JMS as removed the messages..

      Any help/insight would be appreciated.

      Thank -you,

      Linda Rae