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    acknowledge single JMS message

    Henk Schets Newbie


      is it possible to let a client acknowledge a single JMS message ? The acknowledgment is now done a the session level, which is not what we need.
      We have the following situation :
      JBoss has a queue A
      Client CA is consumer on A
      Client CB is consumer on A
      Every client polls for new messages when it is able to process them and starts a new thread, with a maximum of 4 threads. But when the client crashes, those 4 messages are lost if we use auto-acknowledgement. We cannot use session acknowledgment because the 4 threads are not guaranteed to end at the same time. Waiting for all threads to have ended is also not an option. So what we need is to acknowledge a single message. Is this possible ? Should we use a session per thread ?

      Thanks a lot for any advice,