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    Persistence of topic messages across Jboss server stop/start

    Frederic Poirot Newbie


      I am using Jboss 4.0.3RC1 and Mysql 3.23.xxx (very very old I know) and bumped into the following issue.

      Jboss is running and topic subscribers are getting their messages (sent as DeliveryMode.PERSISTENT) from Mysql.
      If the session was transacted (createSession (true, Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE)), then I can see a transaction ID in the table JMS_TRANSACTIONS.
      Let's say I shut down Jboss then:
      - the TXID in the table JMS_TRANSACTION disappears.
      - when I start again Jboss then all remaining messages in JMS_MESSAGES just disappear before the topic are up!

      Therefore, messages are lost accross Jboss restarts.

      So, I looked into the code of the org.jboss.mq.pm.jdbc2.PersistenceManager class and found out that the startService() method calls resolveAllUncommitedTXs().
      This method :
      - create the tables specified internally or via mysql-jdbc2-service.xml
      - change message flags and delete messages depending on their transaction op (TXOP).

      Looking at line 384, the statement 'DELETE_MARKED_MESSAGES_WITH_TX' deletes all messages marked TXOP='A'. Well, that deletes them all when Jboss restarts because all remaining messages are marked with TXOP=A.

      i tried to play with TX setting when creating the Session objects but it does not help. The messages left by a brutal shutdown (power outtage for example) are deleted when the PersistManager restarts.

      I commented this call, recompiled jbossmq package.

      The result:
      - messages are not deleted anymore when Jboss (or the PersistenManager MBean) restarts
      - messages are consumed by the topic subscribers when they reconnect.

      My questions:
      - did I misinterpret the JMS specs? I though the messages should be persistent also when the provider shuts down then restarts to guarantee later re-delivery.
      - or don't I use the right Factory?
      My calls are the basic ones, where I look up ConnectionFactory
      topicConnectionFactory = (TopicConnectionFactory) jndiContext.lookup("ConnectionFactory");
      - what are the side-effects of not deleting them when the PersistManager restarts?

      Thank for your help.