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    JBoss JMS status in JBossAS5.0: wrt out of memory problem

    Saurabh Siddharth Newbie

      While testing Jboss mq performance without receiver in JBoss 4.0.0, the message throughput keeps detiriorating till I get out od memory exception.
      So I checked out the latest from cvs(jboss 5 alpha)and did a build. I have been testing the same sender and I did not yet encounter the problem of out of memory exception. But the message throughput still goes down with time. The performance is acceptable to my client if there is no exception. But I am not able to confirm if this is a fix. I tried the going through the AS project site but could not find anything that says about fixing this problem.
      Can someone confirm if the problem has been fixed. If this information is available on the JBoss site please let me know how to find it.
      Also I am not able to find the release schedule of Jboss as5.0 final.