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    how to deploy a jms/corba client?

    Joe Meree Newbie

      Hi, I'm new to Jboss and this forum, so please be gentle :)

      I have a stand-alone corba client that talks to other companies.

      Inbound traffic looks like this:
      - corba receives data from a corba source outside of my company
      - corba uses native java code to create a JMS message and write it to a JMS queue for another process to digest

      Outbound traffic looks like this:
      - another process puts an outbound message on the queue for the corba process
      - a plain old java timer thread listens for this and receives the message
      - the message is formatted and sent to another company via corba

      The current plan is to run all of the corba stuff as a service under windows. In other parts of the application, we are using message-driven EJBs to listen for outbound JMS messages and are experimenting with TimerBeans for inbound traffic. We are planning to run this part of the application as a windows service since I've been told an EJB cannot listen or open a connection to another network resource like corba.

      I want to deploy this inbound and outbound stuff in Jboss instead of having to run the corba stuff as a windows service. Can anybody point me in the right direction for how to package this corba stuff so it can run under jboss (4.0.2)?


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          perseus Newbie

          The prediction that an EJB can not work as a CORBA client is absolutely wrong. You can use an MDB to receive the message from another process and then use a Java CORBA client to call a remote CORBA server even located in another company. The only requirement is the interoperability of the CORBA ORBs deployed at both sides. A good approach is to use the same ORB at both sides (e.g. standard Java IIOP ORB or same product).
          The client ORB .jars have to be deployed in the JBoss lib/ext directory.

          I hope this helps for your further design.

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