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    action methods not called in <a4j:include>

    Michael Schmidt Newbie

      Hi there,

      I've got a working jsp page using jsf which uses a subview instead of a view component so I can include it. The thing now is, that if I use a commandbutton of any sort and use it to invoke a method, I can see the page being rerendered, but the action is not called at all.

      The message component doesn't show anything at all either. That is if I include the page. If I use it on its own everything works as it is supposed to be. Not using subview in the included page doesn't help either. It only makes it impossible to use it on its own.

      This is driving me crazy. How should I proceed to find the error? I'm still new to jsf :/

      Does anyone please have some advice for me how to approach this?

      I'm using the richfaces-ui-3.3.0.GA binaries. Before I had 3.2.2.SR1 but this screwed up the extendedDataTable component in an included page. Buttons didn't work either.