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    JMS Message content: serialized object's values reset?

    nic7834 Newbie

      Hello all,

      I am having a strange issue on my setup: JBoss 3.2.7, MySQL 4.1.14, Connector/J 3.1.10.

      Essentially my client application places JMS message objects (containing a serialized object) in a queue. These JMS messages can be set to be delivered anywhere from immediately to 30 days time. When delivered, my message driven beans are able to receive the message and view the content of the serialized object within each message.

      However, in some cases I can see from logs that a serialized object extracted from a JMS message has all fields set to default values (0 for integers, longs,etc. null for object references..., etc). No exceptions are thrown - I would assume i would at least get a ClassCastException if the message content has been corrupted!

      I'm not able to pinpoint the cause at this point, only that when it happens, it appears all subsequent JMS messages have the same issue. I'll enable TRACEing and do some more investigation but as I mentioned this problem is intermittent and I still need to find the cause.

      Things like redploying my .EAR, restarting JBoss, restarting the computer don't seem to be the cause as far as I can determine so far.

      I'd appreciate knowing from anyone else having experienced this and what the cause and fix is...