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    Queue delivery to master node only

    Kenny MacLeod Newbie

      In HA-JMS, if I want messages on a queue to be delivered only to a listener on the master node, should I continue to use MDBs, or would that be abuse of the MDB framework? The online docs and the book go into some detail on container and invoker configs, but they all demonstrate how to spread the load across the cluster, rather than deliberately restrict it to one node.

      The alternative is to have an HA-Singleton which adds itself as a listener to the queue explicitly, or starts a thread to receive messages.

      Ideally, I'd like to stick with MDBs, since then the container is handling things (i.e. less code to maintain), and the code to talk to HA-JMS is rather unpleasant, but if MDBs are unsuited to this particular goal, then a plain Listener may be the way to go.

      Advice appreciated.