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    MDBs Listening to Multiple Remote Queues on Multiple Remote

    Terry Paterson Newbie

      Hi There,

      I have read the FAQ regarding listening to a Remote Queue/Topic, and setup something along those lines and it seems to work fine -- however -- I want to listen to several remote queue's each of which is on a different remote server.

      can anyone give me any tips on how to configure this ? what changes do I need to make to my deployment descriptors, standardjboss.xml, jms/remote-jms-ds.xml, etc ?

      In an ideal world I'd like to dynamically/programatically allocate an MDB to a particular remote queue - but from reading other posts it seems this isn't possible.

      I guess I could create a seperate java client outside of JBoss which at startup makes connections to each of the remote queues, and then as messages are received - put them into a single local queue which an MDB or pool of MDBs could process ?

      but this would be outside of the App Server which seems a bit unfortunate.

      Does anyone know of any alternative solutions ?