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    JMS transactional and non-transactional connection factory

    mikeg123 Newbie

      ok I know this has been discussed, but here is what is not clear, and may be possibly there is doc somewhere that explains it all, but I have not found one:

      working with JBoss 3.2.6 cluster
      Server_1: is a master node for JMS
      Server_2: is a participant using server_1 for all JMS processing for MDBs and EJBs

      Running code on Server_2:

      1. if I want to get a non transactional ConnectionFactory it seems like I
      have to go through HAJNDI and with this code
      ?topicConnectionFactory= (TopicConnectionFactory)

      by nonLocalInitialContext I mean it has to go through HAJNDI because
      it retrieves the ?ConnectionFactory? running and define in
      ?deploy-hasingleton/jms/uil2-service.xml? on Server_1

      2. now, if I want to get access to the transaction JMS, I can reference
      ?JmsXA? on Server_2 in "deploy/ hajndi-jms-ds.xml? file which will
      use ?JMSProviderLoader? to get right ?ConnectionFactory? on the
      master server, and to get access to ?JmsXA? I can go through a
      local ?InitialContext?.


      A. I understand that it makes sense to use ?XA? reference here for
      transaction because it is distributed, and it?s nice to go through a
      local ?InitialContext? (although I assume I still can not cache reference
      to the ?ConnectionFactory? I get back fail over is not supported), but
      should not there be a way to do the same thing for a non
      transaction ?ConnectionFactory? instead of using two
      different ?InitialContext? and in order to look up the Queue, I still have
      to use
      non local InitialContext ?(Queue)nonLocalInitialContext.lookup(name);?

      B. if I?m running everything on one server (not in clustered env), I found
      that it?s still recommended to use ?JmsXA?, but I don?t understand why
      because you are not running in a distributed environment, so why would
      you need an overhead of distributed transaction vs a local one?

      C. If I?m running in a non clustered env. should not I be using
      configuration in ?jvm-il-service.xml? for both transaction and
      non-transactional stuff. or I should still use ?ConnectioFactory? defined
      in ?uil-service.xml? and from what I have seen in other topics I can not
      use ?XAConnectionFactory? defined in
      ?uil-service.xml? (back to question 2, sorry), I have to use ?JmsXA?

      Thank you