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    Communicating with MQ Series

    madeonmoon Newbie

      Hello all,

      I do have an example of a single MDB sending a message getting a message from mq series and sending the reply message back.

      However, I am trying to understand the basics of getting a message from mq series, sending it internally within jboss through a couple of other MDBs and then back to the mq series.

      Can someone summarize what needs to be done on a very high level? I am confused about JMS providers. Will the mq jms provider (WSMQJMSProvider) be used for both receiving the message from mq and sending it back to mq?

      Also, what complicates my situation is the fact that I have 2 queue pairs: requestQueue1 + replyQueue1 and requestQueue2 + replyQueue2. I have to make sure that after sending the message internally within jboss for processing, I put it back on the reply queue that corresponds to a particular request queue.

      Thank you