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    integrating with sap , some doubt

    rohit sharma Newbie

      Hello friends ,
      i am trying to integrate my JBOSSMQ of JBOSS4.0 APP Server with SAP.

      For that i need to set few parameters in SAP like the QueueConnectory Factory, Queue , etc.
      I found out that the QueueConnectoryFactory is org.jboss.mq.SpyConnectorFactory.
      for Queue its org.jboss.mq.SpyQueue.

      but i am not able to find few things that SAP requires.
      1) The Channel that QueueConnectorFactory Uses in Jboss.
      2) The Transport Type that QueueConnectorFactory uses in Jboss .
      3) The QueueManager used in Jboss . etc

      So i am not able to set these parameters in SAP.

      I had posted a similar query last time which was deleted by admins, may be coz i hadnt put it properly .
      Hope here i have explained my doubts clearly.
      Thanks and do help if you know this EAI related stuff.