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    Message is missing if close and open receiver with a same se

    Cyril Chan Newbie

      I am using JBoss since version 3.2.5, and I had found the following problem on the JBossMQ:


      1. JBoss 3.2.7
      2. UIL2Connection
      3. Postgresql

      Steps to duplicate problem:

      1. Enqueue messages to JBossMQ continuously with some attributes, e.g. MT='A' and MT='B'
      2. Dequeue messages using UIL2Connection in a remote client with message selector "MT in ('A')"
      3. Stop the queue connection and then close the receiver immediately
      4. Create a new receiver with a broader range selector, e.g. MT in ('A', 'B'), and start the queue connection again with the same queue session and connection

      One message is missing after the receiver is opened again. If I stop to enqueue message and let the receiver get all the remaining messages in the queue, there is a record of JMS message left in the postgresql database but cannot be fetched by any other queue connection.

      Sometimes, I can receive that message again after closing the queue connection. However, there is also some cases I have to restart the MQ service to get back that message.

      Have this problem been encountered before? Could somebody help me on this issue?