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    JBossMQ, Using same clientid for mutiple instances of an app

    David Juffermans Newbie

      I'm currently working on an error reporting tool using JBossMQ, and at first it seemed very easy. I have a bean running on the server that executes a task every morning, and when something goes wrong it dumps some error messages in a topic. This part works perfectly.
      When a user starts up his application, I want it to retrieve the messages using a durable subscription. If I have only 1 client this works, but a second client can't connect, because I get a JMSSecurity exception "The login id has an assigned client id 'APP_CLIENT', that is already connected to the server!".
      I'm not really feeling much for creating usernames for everybody who uses the application. I just want 1 username, password and clientID for every instance of the application, and create durable subscriptions using the name of the user that is using the application.

      Is this possible? If it is, how?