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    JMS unusable when DB is unavailable at JBoss startup

    Karsten Wintermann Newbie

      When the database server that JMS is configured to use is unavailable at JBoss startup, JMS remains in an unusable state even after the database is available again. The MBeans under "jboss.mq" remain in state "Created" or "Failed" and trying to start them through the JMX console has no effect.

      I would expect JMS to be usable as soon as the database becomes available, like it does when the database becomes available after a temporary failure or outage.

      I have verified this for JBoss 4.0.3SP1 with MySQL, and JBoss 3.2.7 with Solid DB.

      To my knowledge, the only fix is to restart JBoss or redeploy the JMS service. For my client this means they have to boot their servers in a certain order just because of JMS.

      Does anyone hit this problem before or have a solution?

      Cheers, Karsten