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    Testing JBossMQ in JBoss 3.2.x against Oracle9i

    ryan.campbell Expert

      In the course of tesing JBAS-2503, I found an error in the jbossmq testsuite which only occurs when running against Oracle.

      I have a custom jboss server (based on all) which uses an Oracle 9i datasource for jbossmq persistence. I followed http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=ConfigJBossMQDB to do this.

      UIL2JBossMQUnitTestCase.testTopicSelectorChange repeatably fails against Oracle9i and repeatably passes against HSQLDB.

      <testcase classname="org.jboss.test.jbossmq.test.UIL2JBossMQUnitTestCase" name="testTopicSelectorChange" time="6.252">
       <error message="The subscription had not been previously registered" type="javax.jms.JMSException">javax.jms.JMSException: The subscription had not been previously registered
       at org.jboss.mq.server.ClientConsumer.removeSubscription(ClientConsumer.java:248)
       at org.jboss.mq.server.JMSDestinationManager.unsubscribe(JMSDestinationManager.java:652)
       at org.jboss.mq.server.JMSServerInterceptorSupport.unsubscribe(JMSServerInterceptorSupport.java:265)
       at org.jboss.mq.server.TracingInterceptor.unsubscribe(TracingInterceptor.java:629)
       at org.jboss.mq.server.JMSServerInvoker.unsubscribe(JMSServerInvoker.java:265)
       at org.jboss.mq.il.uil2.ServerSocketManagerHandler.handleMsg(ServerSocketManagerHandler.java:193)
       at org.jboss.mq.il.uil2.SocketManager$ReadTask.handleMsg(SocketManager.java:396)
       at org.jboss.mq.il.uil2.msgs.BaseMsg.run(BaseMsg.java:392)
       at EDU.oswego.cs.dl.util.concurrent.PooledExecutor$Worker.run(PooledExecutor.java:748)
       at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:534)

      I resolved JBAS-2503, because I get this error whether I use the OracleThinPersistenceManager or no.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Did you mean to post this on user list rather than the dev list?

          This looks like some other error occurred and the test is not handling
          shutdown correctly.

          I keep meaning to tidyup the JBossMQ base tests they don't
          even close the connections properly in the event of failure (no finally block) ;-(

          It doesn't matter for JUnit because it forks a process and the OS
          closes the socket at process end, but it makes getting the real hard.

          Can you add TRACE logging for org.jboss.mq to testsuite/output/test.log
          and post the result for running the "one-test" as a bug report.