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    Default values of JMS destination parameters.

    Ajit Mandalay Newbie


      I am trying to confirm the default values of the following configuration parameters of JMS destinations:

      - Redelivery Delay: 0
      - Redelivery Limit: -1
      - Max Depth: 0

      The value next to each is what is displayed on the JMX console (under JBoss 4.0.2) when the parameter is not specified in the service.xml file.

      Does the value -1 for RedeliveryLimit indicate that redelivery is disabled?

      The description of Max Depth says that it is: "The upper limit on the backlog of messages that can exist for the JMS destination. If this limit is exceeded, attempts to add new messages will result in an org.jboss.mq.DestinationFullException." What does the default of 0 mean?

      Could someone confirm the default values? I could not find them listed in the documentation.