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    jndi jms connectionfactory auto-discovery problem

    Earnest Dyke Novice

      Greetings all.

      We are running 4.0.1sp1 on two clustered servers (win 2k). Server1 starts and has HA-JNDI and JMS running. Our application logs login attemtps via an MDB. When the user logs in on Server1 everything works fine. When they try to login on Server2 we get javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: ConnectionFactory not bound. I read the following in the HowToConfigureMDBsToSubscribeToATopic wiki

      This procedure can not be used as-is with JBossAS 4.0.2. Because of a bug in HA-JNDI auto-discovery, the client is not able to look up the topic. Until this issue is fixed, you should use the following JNDI properties

      #java.naming.provider.url= <--- comment out this line and update it accordingly

      Is this a problem in 4.0.1sp1 as well? Should the comment read uncomment rather than comment since the line is already commented out?