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    Non-persistent messaging needed

    Gunnar Hilling Newbie

      I got a problem with 2 topics, that I don't want to persist to disk (I have configured Hypersonic so my disk will fill quickly when using persistent storage).

      I'm just using the JMS-Service of JBoss here.

      To prevent JBossMQ from writing to Disk, I configured the following way:

      1.) I use non-durable subscriptions. So it shouldn't matter if I use PERSISTENT or NON_PERSISTENT.
      2.) I use "InMemory" True for my Topics.
      3.) I set a limit for my queue-depth.

      All of this works well on my test (Linux-) System. But on my target platform (AIX 5.2, IBM 1.4.1 JDK, same (copied) jboss-installation) hypersonic will just fill it's log file (localDB.log). What else could I do? Any ideas welcome!



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          Gunnar Hilling Newbie

          OK, I found out I could use the "none" Persistence Manager but I'd still like to know how to disable the whole persistence feature using a "per-Topic" configuration (And I'm certainly interested in the reason for different behaviour on different platforms. In the meantime I tried setting Xmx to a higher value on AIX but to no success).