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    MDB starts processing messages again in queue if onMessage()

    Jitendra Singh Newbie


      I m stuck up in some typical problem.
      I m using JBoss 4.0.2, and JBossMQ plus jBPM workflow

      One of my MDB inserts items/messages in other queue...
      For small number of messages(25-400) its working fine...
      but when the number of items/messages to be inserted in next queue are large(in order of 500 -1000s), then after the onMesage() executed once, it starts executing again... putting same messages in next queue again and again..
      It gives some timeout exception

      WARN [TransactionImpl] Transaction TransactionImpl:XidImpl[FormatId=257, GlobalId=jitendra/21651, BranchQual=, localId=21651] timed out. status=STATUS_ACTIVE

      Though i can easily assume that this is some timeout problem with onMessage() function of the MDB...
      but can anyone suggest how to resolve this

      Is the transaction-timeout attribute available with onMessage() function
      and what type of transction-attribute I need to use here

      Thanks in advance