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    Problem associating Topic with MDB

    Pragada Srikanth Newbie

      I am using MDB that is associated with a topic. The following is my jboss.xml.

      <?xml version="1.0"?>

      <!DOCTYPE jboss PUBLIC
      '-//JBoss//DTD JBOSS 3.2//EN'


      Though i want to associate my EJB with topic/testTopic , when the EJB is deployed, it is not associated with topic/testTopic and instead it is associated with test/mdb (where mdb is the name of the ejb).

      I wonder how to associate MDB with the topic whose JNDI is specified in jboss.xml. I was successful with weblogic server 7.0, but jboss 4.0 is working otherwise.

      Can any one help?

      Thank you.

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          Steven Nelson Newbie

          Hi I am experiencing the same thing and I have checked all over for the solution. It seems that when I deploy the MDB the container creates a Topic with the same name and subscribes my MDB to it. What ever I put in the jboss.xml is ignored.