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    replacing SonicMQ with JBossMQ as a provider?

    Ram Munjuluri Newbie


      I was using SonicMQ as a JMS Provider with my web-app,mdbs deployed in the JBoss 4.03Sp1 instance. I was able to access the ConnectionFactory using the JNDI Name "ConnectionFactory". But now when I switched out the JMS provider with JBossMQ JMS Provider, I get a "ConnectionFactory not bound" exception when I do a lookup on the JNDI tree. Also, my other goal was to be able to simply switch the JMS Providers without having to update the ConnectionFactory name lookups. This should be possible if I map the JNDI names right... I believe.

      These are following updates I have made on the JBoss instance with a web-app deployed. "enterprise:1099" is the JBoss instance that is supposed to be the JBoss Instance with JBossMQ.


      <!-- ==================================================================== -->
      <!-- JMS Stuff -->
      <!-- ==================================================================== -->

      <!-- The JMS provider loader -->

      <!-- The queue connection factory -->
      <!-- The topic factory -->
      <!-- Uncomment to use HAJNDI to access JMS -->


      <!-- The server session pool for Message Driven Beans -->

      <depends optional-attribute-name="XidFactory">jboss:service=XidFactory


      <!-- JMS XA Resource adapter, use this to get transacted JMS in beans -->
      <config-property name="SessionDefaultType" type="java.lang.String">javax.jms.Topic</config-property>
      <config-property name="JmsProviderAdapterJNDI" type="java.lang.String">java:/DefaultJMSProvider</config-property>


      My understanding was that, I only require \jms\jms-ds.xml and the \jms\jms-ra.rar files and everything else related to the JMS on the web-app instance can be deleted. And I dont have any additional settings or updates on enterprise with JBossMQ instance

      Looks like I am sure I am missing some additional settings. Am I missing something here?