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    Manual HTTP Post over HttpIL

    Cristián Espinoza Newbie

      Hello all,

      I hope this isn't in the documentation, but I haven't find it yet anywhere. I'm trying to POST a JMS message directly over the HttpIL servlet. The idea is to allow an ASP classic application to send messages to a queue, without the overhead of having to create a proxy for it to call Java objects for the call, for example, using COM.

      I've used this with ActiveMQ, that ships with such a servlet, and works ok. With this, you just have to put the message adding two parameters for the destination and to tell the servlets if it is a Topic or a Queue. I'd like to do the same thing with JBossMQ, but I haven't found the format for the message to be post. My next text includes outputing the body created using the classes to do this, so maybe I can reproduce this manually in ASP.

      Any ideas ? and thanks in advance !