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    separating out JBossMQ on to a separate host

    Ram Munjuluri Newbie


      I removed the jms provider from JBoss Instance A and pointed the JMSAdapter (jms-ra.rar/jms-ds.xml) in Instance A to JBoss Instance B. Basically, got rid of all other files under \jms\.

      At startup of Instance A, I see that the jms-ds.xml is loaded fine without exceptions. I also see that the ConnectionFactory is registered as java:JmsXA. When I try to connect to Instance A using "ConnectionFactory" or java:/JmsXA or JmsXA or java:JmsXA as the JNDI lookup for a ConnectionFactory, I get an exception that these names are not bound. Is there anything missing on either Instance A or Instance B that I am missing? Is there some documentation that can help me validate that I have not missed any additional settings?

      I appreciate your response.