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    How to send JMS Messages to JBoss 4.x from an Oracle 10G DB

    Tom Crosman Newbie

      I'm attempting to create a java stored proc in Oracle that sends a message via JBoss.

      I believe I identified all the depencies and loaded the appropriate JBoss classes. However, when my java code looks up the ConnectionFactory [ctx.lookup("ConnectionFactory")], I'm returned a javax.jms.Reference rather than the SpyConnectionFactory.

      So in an attempt to get the SpyConnectionFactory loaded into Oracle I've placed a reference to it in my java source code and added jbossmq.jar to the dependency tree.

      This loads the appropriate reference but they will NOT compile/resolve in Oracle.

      Any ideas why? Do they contain code specific to a jvm version not supported by Oracle?

      OBTW The code works fine if I run it standalone from main.